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Sunday special: NEVER ASKED FAQ’s

Never asked FAQ’s / FAQ’s die nie gefragt wurden

Can I still send my post on Wednesday ?

Yes you can! ..or even later. On Friday we will decide which city is the Capital of the week, but each theme is open for all time.

Do I need  always to participate, if I have once attended?

Of course not! You can take a break, whenever you want. But it would be nice, if you participate regulary, because a continuous participation would be fun for you and all others, because other participants are looking forward for your posts.

Do I have to write in English? / Muss ich Englisch schreiben?

Nein, der Blog ist nur deshalb in Englisch aufgesetzt, um auch internationalen Städten die Chance zu bieten, sich in PABUCA einzufinden.

My town has neither beautiful nor typical objects or places. What shall I do?

The soul of the city isn’t bound to sightseeing sceneries or the most spectacular or nice places. This is for postcards. Even buildings without any characteristics, sceneries, which could happen everywhere or details, which nobody would recognize describe your town, because those pictures can transport feelings or impressions, which exist day by day and are integrated parts of the city. The real soul is no facade, but could be hidden. Your pictures don’t have to unique, but just specific.

I just live in a very small village, not a city. Can I participate?

Of course! Every place is welcome! You would be part of a great variety.

What do I do when I’m on vacation?

Then follow this instruction: Relax! Get yourself a drink or two. Enjoy time with your beloved or new people you’ve met or both. Tell everybody about PABUCA and our idea. Concerning PABUCA: You can prepare your posts even in advance and dates it forward to the date of the according theme. Just link to “themes” with a short notice, that you are on holiday. We’ll copy your comment to the current post.

Can I comment other posts when I have not sent a post?

Sure! We appreciate it!

When does PABUCA end?

Never! It is no 52 weeks project, but a rolling project, where you can entry every time!




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