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Capital of the week: ARRIVAL

PABUCA Capital of the week is…

Pabuca City

by all


Railway stations and trains (or planes) seem to be a connecting element, where different people from different cities with different intentions arrive and meet at platforms. And yes, it’s similar to Pabuca, the “station” which connects photographical interests, but the people behind too.  We would like to thank all Pabucians for their weekly journey to Pabuca city. We think, that our central station will grow and change during the next months, and we hope that you always feel welcome here. (All entries this week in random order)

Important notice: PABUCA is no contest. PABUCA is a platform for sharing impressions of towns and an incentive to look for it. So “The capital of the week” is no winner of the theme or necessarily the “best shot”. We wouldn’t presume to declare something like that. But it’s an example, which in our subjective opinion unterlines the idea of PABUCA: To illustrate the soul of the city.

Further great entries this week as yet (No ranking):


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