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Education / Erziehung


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Something special in Bonn? Thoughts about Bochum? Some words:

Christian, Bonn:

Just an example for more than 100 schools in Bonn, leaving imprints in the cityscape.

Markus, Bochum:

PRISON:   How must that feel like, to see from a barred cell window outside all these people at a home game to lie in arms, cheering and drinking beers?

RUHR UNIVERSITY:    … located on the southern hills of central Ruhr area Bochum, was founded in 1962 as the first new public university in Germany since World War II. Instruction began in 1965. Students: 41.000

UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCE:  Founded in 1816 as a Miningschool, the ‘TFH Georg Agricola’ is nowadays a university of applied science with courses of study for earth science, mechanical-, process-  and electrical Engineering. With its 2.000 students it’s a familiarly and pleasant place to study. How do I know this? I studied there and I loved it. Absolute brilliant liaison between students and professors.