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Capital of the week: GREY

PABUCA Capital of the week is…


by Angela

When city and sky unifies. Angela shows a great selection of perspectives and details of Hamburg.

Important notice: PABUCA is no contest. PABUCA is a platform for sharing impressions of towns and an incentive to look for it. So “The capital of the week” is no winner of the theme or necessarily the “best shot”. We wouldn’t presume to declare something like that. But it’s an example, which in our subjective opinion unterlines the idea of PABUCA: To illustrate the soul of the city.

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Bonn, Bochum, World: GREY

Grey / Grau


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Something special in Bonn? Thoughts about Bochum? Some words:

Christian, Bonn:

Bonn isn’t coloured. No lovely gardens and balconys all around, no fancy fassades, no lightened advertisements. But I declare my love to grey. It devides shades, it emphasizes hidden colourspots, it select objects to wrap around. Take a second look.

Markus, Bochum:

PIGEON RACE: CROWD   Pigeons: Race horses of the man on the street

PIGEON RACE: EXPERTS   The traditional hobby in the Ruhr Area.

PIGEON RACE: WINNER   This winner flew the race distance of 290 km in 4h 20min.