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Capital of the week: LOVE

PABUCA Capital of the week is…


by klara

It seems like the amazing scenery of Brussels is watching a sensitive moment in the public life. City and persons well connected and captured!

Important notice: PABUCA is no contest. PABUCA is a platform for sharing impressions of towns and an incentive to look for it. So “The capital of the week” is no winner of the theme or necessarily the “best shot”. We wouldn’t presume to declare something like that. But it’s an example, which in our subjective opinion unterlines the idea of PABUCA: To illustrate the soul of the city.



Bonn, Bochum, World: LOVE

Love / Liebe


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Something special in Bonn? Thoughts about Bochum? Some words:

Christian, Bonn:

Dawn: A man told me, that Meike’s sleeping room is on the other side.

Noon: A lazy family sunday on the roof of the “Bundeskunsthalle”.

Dusk: Deadly accident with a taxi of  an eighteen year old boy after the megaevent “Rhein in Flammen” in the Rheinauen.

Markus, Bochum:

PURCHASABLE LOVE     Prostitution and Sex Shops… …I guess in the same amount like in other cities.

HIDDEN LOVE     There are surprisingly many shops which offers kitsch in this area. Anybody deny to like kitsch. No one would ever bought something like this. Strange. But how this shops survive? 🙂

TRUE LOVE     True love led her to Bochum. She needed in deed some time to cope with Bochum…   …but now she developed her own love for this city. 🙂