BONN BOCHUM WORLD | Facing the soul of the city


ChCHRISTIANristian Glatter (alias Ray Catcher at FOKUS BONN), 45 years old, photographs for 25 years.

His focus is in the abstract, architecture, street and modern topographics photography, additional the composition of stories and scenes in images.

His approach: “A picture is not only a captured moment, but the window to its soul. Sometimes its hidden tokens manifests only at the second view.”

Besides his work as a graduated marketing manager he plays guitar in diverse styles and writes children’s books and stories.

He lives in Bonn (Ex-Capital of Germany) for 7 years, is married and has a thirteen year old son.

Exhibitions: Fokus Hardtberg in Bonn, Germany and Russian-German visual dialog in Tver and Moscow, Russia

PABUCA selection here


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