BONN BOCHUM WORLD | Facing the soul of the city

Deep dive PABUCA

Deep dive into PABUCA:

1. Comment you town here below the post

If the link of your site differs from the link concerning to your name, please add the link in the comment. Double entries of towns are no problem, if your city already is mentioned. Your town will appear in the world list here.

2. Choose your themes

Here is the list of the current themes. Limits for interpreting don’t exist. Just take care to avoid too much “invisible, mental leaps”. Every week on Tuesday we’ll add a new theme. Older themes are still open. It’s not binding to post every theme.  We would just appreciate a certain regular participation, so that we don’t have to clean the list from non-aktive members too often.

3. Post three pictures to one theme in one post

Post the theme not before the fixed date (Tuesday) shown in the theme list and link your post only to the referring post on Pabuca. Sorry, otherwise it will become confused. If you like, copy the Icon below in your post and tag “pabuca”.

If you use Facebook, Flickr or other fotocommunities you also can link three single pictures.

Icon for copying:


Of course it’s your post. You can post more or less pictures or mix it with other pictures. But it’s more exciting, when everyone can compare a reduced selection for a compact impression. Every post can be linked on Pabuca, except it contains r.i0t, p0r.n, racism or abuse of personal rights. So feel welcome!

4. Comment your Post on Pabuca

First mention your town with the link to your post in a comment under the referring post on Pabuca. Perhaps tell the audience some of your thoughts.

5. Pabuca Capital of the week

Every Thursday we select one post, which we estimate as the most imaginative presentation, which underlines the idea of the “soul of the city”.  This one we’ll reblog or mention in an own post. Of course it’s a subjective vote and it’s not nessessarily the best photographical shot.

6. Questions?  Ask!

So, now it’s up to you! Join  and dive into the soul of your city!


Comment here hometown, link(s) and thoughts

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